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3,500 Pints of our Hops on One Leg® NE IPA!

This Friday, Middle James Brewing will begin brewing the fourth batch of our specialty beer, Hops on One Leg®, a New England Style IPA! *insert confetti and balloons*

For those of you who may be new to Move For Jenn, learn more about the Hops on One Leg® story below.
Our Hops on One Leg® New England style IPA is the brainchild of our Co-Founders, Jenn and Miles Andrews, along with Middle James Brewing owners, Andrew Viapiano and Mike Smoak. The first batch of Hops on One Leg® was released at our annual Pajamas All Day 5k/10k on December 4, 2021. Since its inception, Hops on One Leg® has sold over 3,500 pints of beer and can currently be found in over 30 locations across the Charlotte area spanning from Asheville, North Carolina to Clover, South Carolina!
“A specialty beer tied to our foundation was something we always knew we wanted to do,” said Miles. “Not only can the beer help raise funds for our organization to support our mission, it can also help raise awareness of sarcoma. When we originally met Andrew and Mike, we knew that we wanted to work with them on this project. We absolutely love them and couldn’t have asked for a better partner,” says Jenn.
The Hops on One Leg® logo includes a prosthetic leg with beer hops made to look like wings, reminiscent of the Greek messenger god, Hermes. Hermes' famous foot with wings is often associated with running, tying into the Move For Jenn slogan of “Move Because You Can.” “We were super involved with the design process, and the Middle James beer label designer knocked it out of the park. As a sarcoma amputee myself, managing a nonprofit with the goal of assisting other sarcoma amputees with returning to an active lifestyle, the design just made sense. You have to embrace what life throws your way,” says Jenn.

Learn more about Hops on One Leg® and where you can find it here!