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Warrior Stories

When Jenn was first diagnosed, she turned to social media for guidance and support. Because sarcoma is considered the "forgotten cancer" because of its rarity, it was hard to find and connect with others affected.

When Jenn started this foundation, she knew that she wanted to create a community where patients, survivors, healthcare workers, family, friends, and loved ones affected by sarcoma could connect. Jenn kicked off her first Instagram Live in August of 2020.

Warrior Stories

Michelle is a clear cell sarcoma survivor. Hear about her journey and how she took her life back after cancer.

The sweetest grant surprise for Chloe! In honor of Live Like Madison, Move For Jenn surprised Chloe with a grant on what would have been Madison's 8th birthday.

  • October 14, 2020: Chloe

Inspiration from our now sarcoma angel, Miriam.

In this IG Live, we got a doctor's perspective on patient advocacy. Dr. Patt, the doctor who saved Jenn's life talks about patient advocacy and doctor/patient communication.

We were able to surprise Rebecca, a young, active college student with an activewear prosthetic! With this grant, we were able to help Rebecca get back to the sports she loves, like snowboarding, wakeboarding, water skiing, and more.

Hear Marisa Cogswell share her journey with synovial sarcoma.

Serena shares her story about battling stage four osteosarcoma.

In this IG Live, we met with social media influencer, Tracey, where she shared her battle with osteosarcoma and how she chooses positivity to influence the world.

Joel and Amanda Stetler, a couple from California, shares their journey through living with Joel's sarcoma diagnosis, what they tell their kids, and how they stay positive.

In this IG Live we were able to surprise Nicola Burg with a new prosthetic!

We chatted with Alex about being an ostersarcoma survivor and amputee as well as how she remains so positive. Alex is one bright light!

  • March 4, 2022: Alex

Joel, Amanda, Lyla, and Marisa, four people who were brought together through Move For Jenn, participated in the Magnolia Silo District Marathon Weekend together. This story is one of our favorites. Check out the original blog post here along with the follow up blog post here.

Natasha, who is living with spindle sarcoma, recently published a book, which you can find on Amazon. In this IG Live, we talked about Natasha's sarcoma journey, her book, and her infectious positivity.

We checked in with MFJ grant recipient Rebecca, who is working to join the US Paralympic Women's Snowboarding team!

Frenchie and Goldie, aka Margaret and Fabi, were brought together through tragedy. Sadly, both of their husbands passed from sarcoma. However, through their passing, Margaret and Fabi found each other and they are grateful for the bond and friendship they now share.