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Learn more about the Move For Jenn Foundation and our co-founder, Jenn Andrews

The Francene Marie Show - Jenn Andrews

Francene Marie interviewed Jenn Andrews with “Move For Jenn Foundation”.
Move For Jenn Foundation supports sarcoma amputees & research, and they’re inviting us out for their 4th-Annual Pajamas All Day 5K & 10K Saturday, October 29.

This fun event will be a DAY filled with fun and spooky surprises! The mission of the Move For Jenn Foundation is offering grants in the form of active wear prosthetics to those who have suffered the loss of a limb to sarcoma or other affiliated diseases.

 Date Night with Jake and Page - Jenn & Miles Andrews

"Jenn and Miles came HIGHLY recommended as guests. We polled our social media and got several requests to have them on. This was followed by Jenn introducing herself to Jake at a Panthers game and passing along some swag for her foundation. Once we heard her story, we had to have them on."

“Your best self is always ahead of you.”

In season 21, episode nine of John Eades' podcast, Jenn talked about all things Move For Jenn, her sarcoma diagnosis, leadership, positivity, and speaking engagements.

In this episode of Motivational Intelligence Podcast, Jenn discusses the #MoveForJenn movement and the gift of mobility.
Motivational Intelligence Podcast - Hosted by Sean Johnson & Dave Naylor

Jenn chats with Run Lift Mom podcast host, Suzy Goodwin about the #MoveForJennMovement, Jenn's story, and how the Move For Jenn Foundation got started.
Run Lift Mom Podcast - Hosted by Suzy Goodwin

"In this episode we are honored to interview Jenn Andrews of Move For Jenn. Jenn worked in corporate America for many years before becoming a stay-at-home mom and launching a successful Isagenix career. Her passion for health and fitness was her foundation. What she didn’t know is that career would lead her to her security blanket when she was diagnosed with a rare form of sarcoma (as a mother of two very young kids). This led to Jenn having to make the biggest decision of her life: amputating her foot. In the same year, Jenn ran her first 5k again.​"
Piece of the Pai Podcast - Hosted by Nesha Pai

"We love Jenn Andrews!  Hear from sarcoma survivor, fellow Isagenix teammate, and founder of The Move for Jenn Foundation ( share how a pedicure in 2013 nearly saved her life.  She since was diagnosed with low-grade myxoid sarcoma and chose to amputate her foot to ensure she lived a long life and to not miss out on any special moments with her family.  Jenn is a true warrior, an entrepreneur and teaches us that it doesn’t matter how you get knocked down in life, it’s how you get UP that matters."
Two Peaches And A Podcast - Hosted by Andrea Labouchere & Amanda Hamm