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About the Move For Jenn Foundation

The Move For Jenn Foundation is a nonprofit organization that raises funds for grants for sarcoma research as well as amputees who need prostheses.

How Move For Jenn Started...

Jenn was getting a pedicure in 2013 when she was pregnant with her first child. During that pedicure, the nail tech discovered a pea-sized nodule on top of her right foot. She had a physician check it, only to be told it was a ganglion cyst. In 2014, while pregnant with her second child, that pea-sized nodule grew to a golf ball sized mass.

Post-delivery of her second child, she was scanned and biopsied, only to show the mass was benign. Surgery to remove the mass was still recommended due to the size and location of the mass. On December 3, 2014, the mass was removed. Pathology went on to prove that this benign cyst was actually not benign, but a low-grade myxoid sarcoma. Due to the location, a second surgery to ensure clean margins was not an option, so she chose to be watched.

She went on to have scans of her right foot and lungs as recommended for the next 3 years. She remained clear until January 2, 2018, when scans revealed cancer had returned as a thin layer on top of her entire right foot. After seeking multiple opinions, amputation was the only option to give her the best chance at a cancer-free life. 

On March 7, 2018, Jenn did a Facebook live video requesting friends and family to move for her and those who physically can’t on her surgery date. This request unknowingly became a movement.  So, on March 12, 2018, Jenn became cancer free, and the social media world flooded with #moveforjenn and #movebecauseyoucan posts globally.  People all over the world were sharing posts with all forms of exercise in honor of Jenn and her request. This movement led her to realize that being an amputee, and someone who wanted to remain active, would be difficult without ample means of funding. Most insurance providers will only cover one prosthetic per person, if that.

Jenn’s mission of helping other sarcoma amputees was born when she and Miles realized the financial burden of being a young, and active amputee. Everyone should have the right to move how they want to. Child or adult. The Move For Jenn Foundation plans to help ease that financial burden for as many individuals as they can.

"Beyond honored to have the Move For Jenn Foundation write about my story on their blog. Jenn Andrews was one of the first people I found searching hashtags on Instagram when I got the cancer diagnosis and my doc told me the likely treatment (amputation). I have felt SO supported. Thank you so much Jenn and the foundation for the feature + everything you do for the sarcoma/amputee community." - Jenna Nascimento