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A Becky G Sized Gift for Gracie from Internet Sensation, Isaiah Garza

Isaiah Garza reached out to the Move For Jenn team a few weeks ago after finding us on Instagram after we had one of our Reels go viral. Isaiah is a wonderful human who makes happy videos and shares joy with those who need it. When Isaiah reached out, they were wondering if we knew of anyone needing some extra joy in their lives. We immediately thought of our very own board member and supporter Jenny Sage and her daughter Gracie, a sarcoma warrior.

Well, Isaiah flew Jenny and Gracie out to LA last week and…you can watch the magic unfold here! Gracie loves singer Becky G and she was at a loss for words when she found out she was going to meet her!

Jenny told Isaiah, "This trip was the first time since her diagnosis that we got to spend time together in a meaningful way when she felt good. During our trip I noticed her turning back into the Gracie I knew pre-cancer. We laughed, we had SO much fun, she would come snuggle me and it made me incredibly happy. Cancer takes so much for a family - I wasn't ever sure I would get the old Gracie back.

On the flight home, she said to me, 'Mommy, we really bonded on this trip' as she was putting her head on my shoulder. What people don't see with pediatric cancer is the day to day and how hard it is as a mom or dad. You have to navigate the diagnosis, advocate for your kid, be strong for everyone and your other kids...not to mention, being the one to push the child to do the scan or take the medicine when they don't want to or telling them they are going to be ok when you really don't know...

It gave us the time we needed to get back to us. To forget about what she has gone thru and just have some fun. I haven't seen Gracie that happy in probably a year. My heart is just so full."

This sweet video was also shared this morning on the Today Show as Hoda’s Morning Boost.

Gracie was diagnosed with sarcoma in June of 2022 and is currently in remission. Throughout Gracie's fight, she was concerned about the other children in the hospital with her - a shining example of the love that her mother continually shows others.

While Gracie was battling sarcoma, Gracie and her mom raised thousands for cancer focused nonprofits, Move For Jenn included, and chose to spread love and positivity throughout her battle.