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A Surprise Grant for a Very Deserving 11-Yr Old!

What many people don’t know about Keyair is that up until the week before our race, he didn’t have a good walking leg. The socket didn’t fit, the knee and foot were both outdated and not age appropriate for the kind of activities that he should be able to do. When you don’t have a good fitting socket or a good walking foot, your quality and range of movement is seriously hindered. Fast forward, our team made calls to our incredible community partners to find Key a knowledgeable new prosthetist, a new socket, activity knee and walking foot! Then we had all three parts shipped to NC and they were assembled for him to walk in for the first time the day before our race. Then on race day, the kid who finally had the tools to walk, received his SURPRISE running blade! A big thank you to our new found prosthetist for Key, Mike in New Jersey, our friends at Kenney OrthopedicsOttobock and Fillauer! It truly takes a village and ours continues to be unmatched!✨ His mom texted me yesterday that he hasn’t taken the leg off and wears it all day every day! He is back to being on 2 feet and he’s pushing himself daily to reach new goals! We could not be more proud of this kid! It is amazing what happens when you have the right tools! Congratulations, Keyair! You deserve everything and more! We can’t wait to see you running very soon!


If you know someone who could benefit from an active-wear prosthetic from the Move For Jenn Foundation, please apply here!