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About the Move For Jenn Clinical Trial Advocacy Program

A cancer diagnosis can feel lonely and daunting. Cancer rattles your world. It comes through and hits hard.

Maybe you are overwhelmed and don’t know when to start when it comes to finding treatment options.  Maybe you feel as though you've given it all you have. Maybe you feel as though you're at the end of your rope. This is where the Move For Jenn Mighty Millie Advocacy Program comes in.

We are here to help explore the "what if’s." The goal of our advocacy program is to leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding options for treatment. We will walk alongside you, listen to you, and establish connections with current and potential doctors, researchers, and supporters. We will never give our input about what we think you “should” do. Firstly, because we are not doctors. Secondly, it is your choice what to do with the information that we provide you.

It was February 1st, 2018. I had just flown into Los Angeles from Austin. A few hours earlier my dad called to tell me that there was nothing else the doctors could do for my mom's cancer. Essentially, we were “out" of options. I trusted our amazing team of doctors, but I thought to myself, what if there is a clinical trial out there that we do not know about. The “what if” stuck with me. I remember thinking on the airplane, (please pause to imagine me silently sobbing with a hood and sunglasses on.. next to a man who was laughing out loud watching Grace and Frankie...had to insert some comedic relief) how do I even begin contacting hospitals to find options while also being present with my mom who we were told had little time left? My personal goal as the Advocacy Coordinator is to ensure that your family gets time with their warrior loved one. We do not want anyone - patient, family member, or otherwise - to be on hold with hospitals, while wearing the hats of a caregiver, advocate, griever, and family member. It is simply too much.

In December of 2022, Millie Mracek, who will forever hold a golden rainbow-shaped place in my heart, was told she had no more options. With the permission of her amazing parents, Claire and Nick, the Move For Jenn team knocked down every door imaginable with the goal of giving the slightest comfort amidst the immense and immeasurable pain of knowing Millie was running out of time. Out of this, our Clinical Trial Advocacy Program was born and named in honor of their angel, Millie. Even after her passing, she is continuing to help guide us to change the world. Learn more about the Mighty Millie, Move For Jenn relationship here.

You are not alone. (One more time for the person in the back, you are not alone!) A cancer diagnosis can be scary. Asking for help can be scary. Trying to do this alone can be scary. We are here to help. Learn more about our advocacy program here.

*Please always check your body for any bumps or lumps that are painful (or even painless) that you have noticed growing over time. If this applies to you - ask about sarcoma. Seek second, third, or even fourth opinions. You can be your own best advocate, and if you need help; we are here!

- Lyla