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Pledge for Adam's 12-Hour Trail Race!


Adam-12 Boardman, a longtime nationally-heard radio broadcaster and podcaster (and newly-minted Charlottean!), will be helping out the Move For Jenn Foundation by running through the woods this winter!  Well, not all winter... but it'll seem that way because it's a 12-hour-long trail race in February!  Adam's a professional talker, but not a professional runner - so to keep him motivated, he's raising money for Move For Jenn.  The further he goes, the more money we can raise for the cause!  Please consider making a pledge for this great event and cause.  Thank you! 

To learn more about the trail race, visit here: MC Broken Ankle 12 Hour Trail Run

Pledge now, pay later!  Enter your info in the form below and we'll shoot you an email after Adam finishes his race!