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Behind These Sarcoma Scars

On May 16 we hosted an Instagram Live with one of our favorite social media friends, Natasha Sims. Natasha was diagnosed with spindle sarcoma in 2016 and has been battling it ever since. Even though she is living with 50 tumors in her lungs, Natasha has the sweetest and brightest disposition.

She currently resides in California with her husband, her high school sweetheart. Natasha recently published a book called  "Behind These Sarcoma Scars," which you can now purchase on Amazon!

When we posted the Instagram Live to our Instagram feed, Jenn wrote, "This might be one of our favorite 'Survivor Story' IG Lives ever! This woman is a WHOLE VIBE and radiates positivity and light! Hear Natasha share her journey with sarcoma, living a Disney-inspired HAPPY life regardless of what battles are thrown her way, and learn about her new book that is now available for purchase!

Thank you @natashabby16 for spreading joy on our page today!✨ We are forever in your corner!💛🎗"

Watch Jenn and Natasha's Instagram Live here.

"You guys were next on my list of donations as a result from my book purchases. I know you guys are doing all the right things for us sarcoma fighters & I value you so much. Jenn, you’re amazing & have been nothing but kind & encouraging! Keep doing amazing things. I appreciate you guys." - Natasha