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Children's Books about Limb Loss and Limb Differences

On the last day of Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month, we want to share a round up of eight children's books about limb differences. According to our friends at Children's Mercy, "Diversity and inclusion helps children learn to empathize with people who are different from them. Diversity and inclusion make all kids better learners, allowing them to understand various subjects from multiple points of view."

1. The Roxy and Maliboo Series by Hillary Sussman

Roxy is a loveable dog who has lost a leg and is faced with accepting this difficult new change. When she goes to the dog park, she sees a dog sitting all alone looking sad. Maliboo is missing an ear. Roxy goes over and tells him about her leg, which helps Maliboo overcome his fears. The other dogs accept both dogs, despite their unique features.

Roxy’s story is meant to give children the confidence to be themselves and not let any differences dictate their self-worth.

2. What Happened to your Hand by Andrea Murray

‘What Happened To Your Hand?’ is a delightful picture book that helps children find out about physical differences. Author Andrea Murray shares her childhood experiences to help promote positive interaction and acceptance among children. The book encourages teachers and children to ask questions and help understand that no matter what our differences are, we all want friends and to live happy and full lives.

3. When Charley Met Emma by Amy Webb

When Charley goes to the playground and sees Emma, a girl with limb differences who gets around in a wheelchair, he doesn't know how to react at first. But after he and Emma start talking, he learns that different isn't bad, sad, or strange--different is just different, and different is great!
This delightful book will help kids think about disability, kindness, and how to behave when they meet someone who is different from them.

4. Brooklyn's Lucky Fin by Jenna Regan

This is a powerful story about a young girl who lets nothing stop her. Brooklyn was born with a limb difference and is determined to do everything just like everyone else. We call her special hand her lucky fin just like in the movie Nemo who was born with one small weak fin, but he quickly finds out it is his "lucky fin." Brooklyn was made this way and her difference makes her special! Brooklyn is fierce, strong, and charismatic. The purpose of this story is to show that no matter what a person looks like, we are all the same. Everyone has differences and challenges; some you can see and some you cannot. Remember to build each other up and make everyone feel included, supported, and loved.

5. Look What Kate Can Do by Katie and Paul Leatherwood

Kate was born with symbrachydactyly, a big word for upper limb differences. How does a little girl feel about growing up with one hand? How does she answer people's questions? Here's Kate's story in her own words.

6. What Happened to You? by James Catchpole and Karen George

The first ever picture book addressing how a disabled child might want to be spoken to. What happened to you? Was it a shark? A burglar? A lion? Did it fall off? Every time Joe goes out the questions are the same...what happened to his leg? But is this even a question Joe has to answer? A ground-breaking, funny story that helps children understand what it might feel like to be seen as different.

7. 5 Fingers and 10 Toes by Dawn Civitello

A children's book written by Dawn Civitello who is a mom and teacher. In hopes of spreading awareness to young children and families about limb deficiencies that exist among peers. This book is a great way to explain to children that differences exist and it's ok to be different, everyone should be accepted for who they are!

8. Different is Awesome by Ryan Haack

A little boy brings his older brother, born with one hand, for show-and-tell. The students ask him all sorts of questions about how he does things with one hand and realize that he can do anything they can do, he just does it differently. Along the way, they notice that we're all different in one way or another, leading to the realization that not only are differences a similarity we all share, but, they are what make us unique - AND AWESOME!