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Give It All You've Got!

Today is therapeutic for me. Wearing my “Move for Jenn” shirt (shout out to Michelle Arroyo Musialowski who has never met me and did this project at cost for my friends and family💗)! At the gym. Working my 🍑 off this morning. Realizing what used to be really easy, isn’t so easy. But that’s ok. You know why? Because patience is everything. And to be honest, i don’t always share that. 

I hear so often, “you make it look easy”. The real truth, it’s not. I don’t share enough of my fails, enough of my struggles, for the pure sake that I NEVER want pity. Instead, I choose positivity (about 85% of the time). I say 85% because I am still human! I still have meltdowns, breakdowns, tears and frustrations. But after a few minutes, I tell myself to suck it up. To not focus on what was or what was lost. Instead - I pour my energy, heart and soul into making damn sure I have the best chance to getting back to everything I did before....even if I have to do things a little differently. 

So today I am personally moving for all of those that want to so bad and can’t. I’m biking for my old self who has major envy of the people down the row from me sprinting on the treadmill when I am walking with a slight limp and can only bike for cardio (not even close to running or even jogging yet). I am moving for the people who haven’t been able to be active the way they want for some time. I am moving for those who recently (whether it be permanently or temporarily) can’t be as active as they once were. I’m moving for my sweet friend Rebecca Summer Lucas who is an amazing runner who just had major knee surgery. I’m moving for Danielle Dauber(who I have never met) who just had a below the knee amputation yesterday. 

Mindset is everything. And I choose happy. I choose hope. I choose positivity. I choose to work my butt off until I get back to where I was. #nolookingback #onlylookahead #moveforjenn #moveforall