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Sarcoma Awareness Month with the Independent Tribune

Thank you to the Independent Tribune for sharing the story below in recognition of Sarcoma Awareness Month!

"Did you know that sarcoma is often called the “forgotten cancer” because of its rarity?

Because of this, sarcoma is often misdiagnosed, just as it was for Move For Jenn (MFJ) co-founder and executive director, Jenn Andrews. Jenn, an active young mother of two, was diagnosed with sarcoma after a nail tech found a pea-sized nodule on her foot during a pedicure.

After two misdiagnoses and surgery to remove the nodule that eventually grew into a golf ball-sized mass, Jenn learned that she actually had an extremely rare cancer called sarcoma. Her sarcoma diagnosis would eventually lead to the amputation of Jenn’s right foot.

After her surgery, Jenn was anxious and excited to begin activity again. Jenn quickly learned that not only are prosthetics expensive and require replacement every three to five years, she also found that activewear prosthetics were not covered by insurance, meaning she would be paying up to $50,000 for the type of prosthetic she needed to be active again.

Outraged by this, Jenn and her husband, Miles, started the Move For Jenn Foundation just two months after Jenn’s amputation.

The Move For Jenn Foundation works to provide activewear prosthetics to those who have lost a limb due to sarcoma or other affiliated diseases. The foundation also works to fund sarcoma-specific research and assist sarcoma patients through their advocacy program.

Funds are primarily raised through Move For Jenn events, two of which are coming up in August and October. The first annual Move For Jenn Open will take place at TPC Piper Glen on Aug. 22 and the fourth annual Pajamas All Day 5K/10K — Spooky Edition will take place on Oct. 29 in Ballantyne.

“Because my first goal post-amputation was to run a 5K, our annual race is an extra special event,” says Andrews.

During the month of July, the Move For Jenn Foundation works diligently to spread awareness about sarcoma and sarcoma symptoms, which can include a lump that can grow over time, bone pain, a broken bone that happens unexpectedly or easily, abdominal pain and weight loss. Because sarcoma symptoms are common symptoms for a myriad of other issues, sarcoma is misdiagnosed more often than not.

Along with working to spread awareness, MFJ is partnering with a number of businesses for giveback events throughout the month. These businesses include global retailer, Slick Chicks, and local retailers Sips & Dips, AR Workshop, Scout and Molly’s Boutique and more.

For more information on sarcoma signs, symptoms and resources, visit the Move For Jenn blog. If you would like to spread awareness about sarcoma during the month of July, email