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StyleBlueprint: Sarcoma Tumor Survivor Jenn Andrews Featured

Jenn Andrews Sarcoma Survivor
Representing Sarcoma Survivors Worldwide

Jenn Andrews was recently interviewed on her sarcoma story and featured on StyleBlueprint’s website for starting a non-profit, Move For Jenn cancer foundation, with her husband Miles after her life-changing event of discovering she had a cancerous sarcoma tumor in her foot while getting a pedicure. In the interview she revealed to the world that’s she’s learned to accept herself and what her new normal is like having had sarcoma and being an amputee woman. Little did she know her sarcoma awareness story would take off on Social Media when she chose to do a Facebook Live video requesting others to go out and “move because you can” on the date of her amputation surgery. Her video reached 86,000 people and became a movement like no other. That’s when Move For Jenn was born. People from across the world used the hashtag #moveforjenn showing themselves walking, playing with their kids, running with their dogs, taking classes, you name it in her honor.

How Move For Jenn Has Helped Others

Not only did Jenn’s Facebook live video reach thousands of people, but it truly created a movement for those who struggle with their mental health. Jenn referenced in her video that being able to wake up every morning and being able to move is a gift, and to not take it for granted. After losing her right foot to cancer in early 2018 and being rewarded her first running blade prosthetic from a prosthetic manufacturer, she now represents amputee fitness by doing races with running blades. Her first race took place just six months after her amputation surgery!

Raising Sarcoma Awareness

The love that Jenn received made her realize that having a cancerous tumor, which was later found out to be low grade myxoid sarcoma, made her want to make a difference for others that struggle with sarcoma cancer and overall promote sarcoma awareness through fundraising events that will offer activewear prosthetics for amputees such as running blades. The foundation's goal is to one-day fund sarcoma research, and offer research grants while helping amputees who need prostheses afford or obtain an activewear prosthetic.

Cost of Prosthetics for Cancer Patients

There is a financial burden associated with not only having cancer but for getting prosthetics after cancer. Jenn knows first hand after having her below knee amputation. Jenn found out a few months after her surgery, that activewear prosthetics are not covered by most insurance companies and need to be paid for 100% out-of-pocket. Prosthetics can range anywhere from $5,000-$50,000, lasting only 3-5 years. This alone made her realize she needed to make a difference, and do what she could do for others who were in a similar situation physically but couldn’t afford the tools to remain mobile. She realizes that cancer can steal a part of people’s lives and so her foundation will do what they can to try and fulfill applications for those who have lost a limb to sarcoma and who are needing an activewear prosthetic. The Move For Jenn foundation is hoping to help as many people as they can for years to come.

How To Support Us!

Are you looking for a way to contribute to our foundation? We’ve recently added some fun cancer shirts to our website. All of our apparel are made from a high-quality, performance-fit, cotton-polyester blend. Your purchase helps to fight sarcoma and give amputees an opportunity to keep moving!