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The Charlotte Observer: Featuring Jenn Andrews

Jenn Andrews in Waxhaw NCWhen Jenn Andrews was diagnosed with sarcoma in early 2018, there were only 44 reported cases of the kind of sarcoma she had. Sarcoma is considered the “forgotten cancer,” and is a very rare form of cancer without a cure, offering very few treatment options. Jenn traveled to the best cancer centers in the country to be told amputation was her only option of living life cancer-free. Since losing her right foot and lower leg to sarcoma 21 months ago, she has been an idol in the cancer community, representing amputee fitness and sarcoma survivors worldwide. As an amputee woman, her goal is to encourage other amputees and give them hope that despite the hardship of losing a limb, they can recover, move on successfully, and resume life with the help of prosthetic solutions. Jenn recalls that when she first received her prosthetic, it not only improved her quality of life, but it made her realize that what she was used to doing before amputation, she was able to do again.

Jenn knows all too well of the financial burden associated with not only having cancer but wanting to continue an active lifestyle with prosthetics post-amputation. Insurance only covers one walking foot, and one socket, everything else is considered extra. Various prosthetics are needed after amputation; one for everyday activities, one for running, one for swimming, and they need to be tweaked every 3-5 years or replaced.
Luckily for Jenn, she was gifted a running blade prosthetic from a prosthetic manufacturer. When she used it for the first time, it gave her back a piece of what cancer stole.

As a nonprofit organization, the Move For Jenn Foundation hopes to offset costs for as many sarcoma amputees as they can, offering the gift of prosthetic limbs, hope and the opportunity to be active to all who wish to move because they can.

Since becoming an official 501c3 nine months ago, the Move For Jenn Foundation has already helped three very deserving grant recipients by gifting them with prosthetics. In December 2018, Jacob Poteat received a running blade after having his leg amputated due to osteosarcoma, and just recently, two prosthetics were given out at the Pajamas All Day 5K event to sarcoma cancer survivors, Karen Shapiro-Jenks and Jacky Hunt-Broersma. Karen received a racing wheelchair, and Jacky received a trail running blade. Read more about Karen and Jacky.

“Being a new foundation, you might not be able to change the world, but you can change someone's world, and for me, having this foundation and helping other people gain back what I lost, and was able to regain again, has really been the biggest blessing in the healing process.” - Jenn Andrews 
On Thanksgiving day, The Move For Jenn Foundation was featured on the front page of The Charlotte Observer. Check out the article and video below!

The Charlotte Observer Article   The Charlotte Observer Video