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Meet Synovial Sarcoma Warrior, Jenna Nascimento

Meet Jenna Nascimento, a San Diego, California based wife and mom of two. This incredible 37-year-old lived with chronic pain in the arch of her foot for 20 years before finally finding the answer.

Jenna with her husband and children

When asked about her journey prior to her sarcoma diagnosis, Jenna said, "I've done everything under the sun for treatment, including surgeries in 2014. Still scans showed inflammation, arthritis, tenosynovitis, and whatever else, and doctors continued to respond with… 'we can try another injection?'"

However, in 2023, Jenna's pain increased as she started to notice a small bump on the arch of her foot. After having to beg her doctor for an MRI, they diagnosed her bump as a ganglion cyst. Move For Jenn Co-Founder, Jenn Andrews, was also originally diagnosed with a ganglion cyst prior to being diagnosed with sarcoma.

As Jenna recalls, she put together an eight page document of every therapy, stretch, medicine, injection, and more that she had tried from 2004 through 2024 in order to help her doctors find an answer.

As the year continued, Jenna started to express that her pain level was a 9/10, but was continually sent on her way with well wishes from every doctor.

During the months that followed this intense increase in pain, Jenna continued to homeschool her children without slowing down. When she did have the time in her day to call around to see a second orthopedic specialist, she was told the first available appointment was 60 days out. Frustrated and in immense pain, she continued to call looking for cancellations she could claim.

Finally, Jenna was seen and an MRI was scheduled. A tumor was revealed (not a cyst as originally diagnosed) leading to a needle biopsy. After years of pain, Jenna was finally diagnosed with synovial sarcoma, a rare cancer of the soft tissue.

Due to the size, location, and growth of her tumor, her medical team told her that chemotherapy, radiation, and a below the knee amputation would be recommended.

Earlier this month, Jenna underwent a below the knee amputation and is currently adjusting to her new normal with grace, courage, and gratitude.

On June 3rd, Jenna shared the photo above with the following caption:

"Officially checking in for my surgery today.

Welcoming prayers, healing thoughts and energy.

I’ve got my sunflower on to represent Sarcoma Awareness and a flower crown to bring in all the uplifting energy from yesterday.

While I have a sense of peace, hope, and I know this is the right choice, you can probably imagine the other side of those thoughts.

I pray for this peace and hope to continue when I wake up.

I pain for a successful surgery with no complications.

I pray for ease, strength and courage.

I’m praying for a lot, but these are the biggest right now."

"This was the first photo I took and was so hard to look at myself in the beginning but it’s gotten easier of course … and with the sunflowers in the foreground it’s just so beautiful and meaningful to me now"

A week after surgery, Jenna posted this video with the following caption:

"It’s been a week since surgery, and a letter of gratitude felt right in part of the processing of this loss in my life.

I’m so filled with joy to have minimal pain and have it very managed with medication, supplements and other modalities.

The deep release of breath and sigh that used to create a twinge of foot pain is gone.

I take deep breaths and relax and feel relief.

While I’ve got lots of adjusting to do and more processing, I feel the peace I was praying for before surgery.

So with gratitude, I say goodbye to the years of chronic pain, the newly found cancer, and my dear right foot and ankle."

Throughout her journey, Jenna and her family have remained positive and make the decision to choose joy each and every day. Jenna's husband said, "I know she's going to do great, whatever she's going to decide to do. You know? I know she's going to be running, surfing, climbing, you know what I mean? Because she's a go-getter. Any challenge that we had, and this one being the biggest one, she overcomes and then it becomes history."

Prior to her amputation, Jenna shared what she is most excited for post-surgery. "I'm excited to be at the beach and say, 'who wants to go in the water?' and then 'race you!' and then race across the soft sand...we're sitting so far back away from the beach, we're running so far down the sand, and we get to the water and we splash and jump around and splash and play and laugh and run back."

Follow Jenna's journey on Instagram here and learn more about her story and fundraising efforts here.

Watch Jenna's full story below.


Unfortunately, Jenna's story is common for those with sarcoma. Due to it's rarity, sarcoma is often misdiagnosed. You are your own best advocate and if you believe your symptoms are being overlooked or minimized, continue to advocate for yourself to receive the treatment you believe you deserve. If you don't know where to start, we're here for you.