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March 2023 Grant Recipient Updates

Because of amazing people like you who support the Move For Jenn mission, we would like to introduce you to our newest grant recipient, Amy, as well as share information about three previous grant recipients who are receiving new grants from us!

Meet Amy! Amy is a Tucson, Arizona native who grew up in the swimming pool. Her love of swimming is most likely what led to her melanoma diagnosis in 2005, just three months after her son was born. Amy has been living with cancer for over 17 years and has been through a number of treatments, including a treatment that left her Achilles tendon destroyed and with a massive wound on the back of her foot that refused to heal. Because of this, Amy opted for a below the knee amputation in 2013.

Choosing to amputate was difficult for Amy, who was active throughout her entire life. She was left wondering how she would be able to swim, hike, and dance post-amputation. After becoming active again, swimming did not give Amy the same sense of freedom as it did pre-amputation, so she focused her time and efforts on dance.

Amy shared with us that she has "found so much joy" dancing in her "bouncy foot." Because she has spent so much time dancing, she has worn down this foot and a new one will not be covered by insurance, so she has been piecing together prosthetics to make her foot work for the time being. We are so excited to be able to give Amy a Fillauer AllPro to help give her the bounce and spring she is looking for! We are so excited to see her moving and grooving again!

You may remember grant recipient, Andre, from the end of 2022. After giving Andre the gift of movement with a Fillauer AllPro Activity Foot and Obsidian Running Foot, we learned that Andre needed two new sockets - one for his AllPro Activity Foot and another for the running blade in order for him to be most comfortable.

A special thank you to OTF Parker and OTF Pine Bluffs along with Hanger Clinic for working with us to make this possible for Andre.

Go Andre, go! 

Staci became a Move For Jenn grant recipient in 2021 when we were able to surprise her at Burn Bootcamp with a new running blade! Staci has been working so hard over the past two years that she is in need of a new blade. We will be gifting her an Obsidian Running Blade, which she will use to run a half marathon this spring!

Not only is Staci unstoppable, she is also full of love and she and her family fundraise and volunteer for Move For Jenn every year!

Last, but certainly not least, 2x grant recipient, Addison, will be gifted a specialized socket giving her the opportunity to play soccer! This little girl is absolutely fearless and we cannot wait to see her on the soccer field.

You may remember Addison from her video skiing, running for the first time, dancing, and ziplining! You may also remember that she was one of our 2022 surprise grant recipients at our annual Pajamas All Day 5K/10K!

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