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Meet Move For Jenn Grant Recipient, Hailey Wile

We are thrilled to welcome our newest grant recipient, Hailey, to the Move For Jenn family! Hailey made her way to MFJ by way of our friends at Amputee Blade Runners (ABR). ABR, like the Move For Jenn Foundation, finds issue with health insurance companies declaring activewear prosthetics as "not medically necessary," meaning most of the time they do not cover the cost.

Amputee Blade Runners says, "Our organization helps amputees keep an active lifestyle by providing this vital equipment free of charge. Our goal is to provide a running prosthesis to one athlete in all 50 states.

At Amputee Blade Runners, we believe every person deserves the opportunity to be an athlete on their own terms. That means…

  • An athlete’s potential is defined by mindset, drive, and determination, not limb loss.

  • Every child is an athlete.

  • Physical activity transforms health and quality of life long term.

  • To an amputee athlete, a sports-specific prosthetic is an essential equipment."

Hailey and her family 

Hailey, an almost 10-year-old from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma on April 21, 2022 after she noticed a painful lump on her right thigh. She bravely completed two cycles of inpatient chemotherapy before having rotationplasty surgery on July 13, 2022 followed by six more rounds of chemotherapy.

After connecting with another family in a similar situation as theirs, Hailey's mom and dad applied for a running blade through ABR. As we have partnered with ABR to pay for prosthetics in the past for those affected by sarcoma, our friends at ABR reached out to see if we would like to work together to give the amazing nine-year-old Hailey the gift of movement.

Hailey being fitted for her prosthetic at ABR in Nashville, TN

Hailey told ABR that she wanted to get back to playing basketball, tennis, volleyball, and running. Being in elementary school, she also mentioned that she simply wanted to enjoy recess again. Hailey picked up tennis before her diagnosis and immediately fell in love with it.

Hailey is a ray of sunshine and we could not be prouder of her. We can't wait to see her out on the court again and look forward to seeing all she is able to accomplish with her new blade!

On May 19, Hailey's mom shared, "More good news to share! We just got Hailey’s MRI results and the spot in her leg stayed exactly the same. Her oncologist is not at all concerned that it is cancer. 🥳👏

Thank you all for your prayers, positive thoughts and good vibes!!! We could not get through this without the love and support of our family and friends 🫶"

We're rooting for you, Hailey!

Hailey's sister, Hailey's mom, and Hailey

Would you like to help us give the gift of movement to more kids like Hailey? Your tax deductible donation of any amount will directly support those in the sarcoma community.