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Meet Move For Jenn Grant Recipient, Taylor Hosey

Help us welcome our newest grant recipient, Taylor Hosey, to the Move For Jenn family!

On January 11, 2023 Taylor's life was changed forever when she received a call that the bump on her heel was actually Ewing's sarcoma. Taylor's life was immediately put on hold meaning nursing school, her wedding, and a move to a new state would be need to take a back seat.

Taylor was told that she would need to begin 14 rounds of chemotherapy ASAP. Following a first surgery that had already taken place halfway through her chemo treatments, Taylor was told a second surgery would be needed. Little did she know, that second surgery would become a below the knee amputation just three months later.

Taylor said, "When I was told I was going to lose all of my hair, I thought my world was ending. After being three rounds in, I realized I can do anything if I just take it one day at a time. I have been able to finish school with my BSN while undergoing chemo, and have realized I want to work in oncology when I am done with treatment.

Going to the bathroom is a chore, getting myself dressed is a chore, and I have lost my ability to drive. Basically, I lost my independence. I have suffered from phantom pain, incisional pain, and complications." In addition, Taylor had to undergo a revisional surgery.

However, through it all, Taylor has remained positive and focused on her goals ahead, which includes running in the Boston Marathon!

"This chapter has been the most challenging chapter thus far of my cancer journey and my life. The crazy thing is, I wouldn’t change a thing. This experience has only made me grow and start to learn my new normal. Thanks to all who have reached out, I am doing okay and feeling very loved."

We are so excited to give Taylor the gift of movement with a Fillauer AllPro so she can start to live her dreams. Taylor said that along with running in the Boston Marathon, she also can't wait to get back to hiking and exercising, two things she enjoyed prior to her diagnosis.

Taylor will be joining us at our Pajamas All Day 5K/10K on December 9 all the way from Ohio and we cannot wait to meet her in person!

Are you an amputee due to sarcoma or an affiliated disease who is looking for assistance with an activewear prosthetic? Learn more about the Move For Jenn mission here.