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Jenn Andrews

Age: 37

Executive Director and Co-Founder, Move for Jenn Foundation

“Move Because You Can.”

In 2018, health and wellness coach Jenn Andrews said these words, pleading with friends and family via a Facebook Live video to do physical movement on March 12 in her honor. That was the day of her right foot amputation due to sarcoma. Since then, her request has led to a movement and the Move for Jenn Foundation.

“Regaining mobility after losing a limb to cancer was a huge priority for me,” she says.

Now, Andrews hosts events such as the Pajamas All Day road race in Blakeney and a golf tournament at TPC Piper Glen, raising money to help other amputees pay for prosthetics, which often are not covered by insurance.

“I pour my heart and soul into showing others that they can do and survive hard things,” she says.

She also walks the walk. Six months post-amputation, she ran a 5K race. One year afterward, she ran a 10K. “I have run farther in a running blade and one foot than I ever did on two feet!”

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