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Self: Runners Share 23 Small Training Tips That Changed Everything

Tip #23 from yours truly:

23. Incorporate interval training—and find yourself a support system, especially when you’re facing a tough challenge.

“After losing my right foot and lower leg to sarcoma (a rare form of cancer) this year, I taught myself how to run again in six weeks and trained hard for a 5K race, which I completed just six months after my amputation. Interval training [alternating between time periods of high intensity and low intensity] made a huge difference in my running!

My support system (#moveforjenn) has also been cheering me on the whole time, and we’ve started the Move for Jenn Foundation, where we plan to offer grants to sarcoma amputees to cover the cost of running blades that are not covered by insurance.”
—Jenn Andrews, 34, @jenn0512


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