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Sponsor Highlight: Vacations To Go

Vacations To Go

Event Sponsors

The Move For Jenn Foundation has been fortunate enough to have secured a number of sponsors for their upcoming first annual Pajamas All Day 5K that will be hosted on Saturday, November 2nd, 2019. We’d like to highlight Vacations To Go for their support in becoming our Title Sponsor.

About Vacations To Go

Vacations To Go was established in 1984, and is one of the largest online travel agencies in the world, specializing in the sale of luxury travel products (such as ocean-going cruises, river cruises, escorted tours and air/hotel packages). Vacations To Go helps over 750,000 customers in more than 165 countries annually book the vacation of their dreams.

Community Involvement at Vacations To Go

The team at Vacations To Go loves to get involved in the community locally and globally. Whether it be providing donations, becoming a sponsor, or helping organizations, they love assisting in any way they can.

Vacations To Go currently supports the following organizations:

How Sponsorships Help Us Give Back

When we have the support of other businesses as our sponsors, our efforts stretch even further. All contributions to our events are greatly appreciated. Our team continues to raise money to fulfill applications to cancer patients who have lost a limb to sarcoma and are needing an active-wear prosthetic. We hope to be able to continue helping as many people as we can for many years to come.

Thank You Vacations To Go

Thank you Vacations To Go for your sponsorship and for supporting our fight against sarcoma cancer. With their support, we’ll be able to continue raising sarcoma awareness and will be one step closer to achieving our fundraising goal of being able to help amputees regain strength and mobility faster and help get them back to the physical activities they enjoyed prior to their amputation.

How You Can Help!

Are you interested in sponsoring one of our events? Contact us today to see how you can help a non-profit help others in need. We also have cancer-fighting apparel for sale on our website. Proceeds go towards giving amputees an opportunity to keep moving!

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