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That Deserves a Crown: Jenn Andrews


On December 26, 2021, during the Carolina Panthers football game, Jenn Andrews was chosen and recognized as the winner of the Crown Royal “That Deserves A Crown” for her impact on the community with the Move For Jenn Foundation. While this recognition is humbling to Jenn, this is a direct reflection of the good that the organization does for amputees around the world. Without them, the foundation wouldn’t be what it is today. 

In 2018, Jenn Andrews lost her right leg to sarcoma due to a mass in her right foot. During her recovery, she and her husband were shocked to learn that active-wear prosthetics are not considered "medically necessary" and are not covered by most insurance companies. In fact, sarcoma is often considered the "forgotten cancer". She and her husband, Miles, quickly saw the need for amputees to have a resource to turn to so they sought out to create a foundation to bridge the gap between what the active amputee needs and what insurance doesn’t cover but should.

Thus began the Move For Jenn Foundation and its mission - to offer grants in the form of active-wear prosthetics to those who have suffered the loss of a limb to sarcoma or other affiliated diseases. Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, the foundation is a resource for amputees to get back to the physical activities they enjoyed prior to amputation and ease the financial burden. What makes the foundation unique from others is their objectives of targeted research, awareness and advocacy. 

Jenn currently serves as the Founder and Executive Director of the Move For Jenn Foundation. As many organizations, surviving a brand new foundation in the midst of a pandemic came with some hardship. But despite these challenges, the foundation received support from the local and national community which they are humbled and grateful for.

With sights on 2022, Move For Jenn has ambitious but attainable goals of increasing fundraising and playing a bigger role in research and advocacy for patients who need support the most. Prosthetics allow amputees to regain their strength and mobility to eventually get back to the physical activities they were able to enjoy prior to amputation. A big focus this year is granting more prosthetics to amputees, which you can apply for the grant today.

Our goals are achievable through our community.  Support our mission - Donate here