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The Gift of a Lifetime

When life comes full circle it really is amazing.

When Jenn decided to move forward with the amputation of her right foot in 2018 in order to save her life, one of her first prosthetists was a Hanger Clinic employee named Brett Rosen. Brett and Jenn became fast friends and Brett was so excited when Jenn decided to start the Move For Jenn Foundation.

Brett currently works at the Hanger Clinic in Florida, but has remained in contact with Jenn and continues to support the foundation. Most recently, Brett reached out to tell us that he would be gifting us a Fillauer running blade, which we can gift to a new grant recipient!

We are so touched by Brett's gift and we cannot wait to give the gift of movement to a new grant recipient!

Brett's letter below says:

"To Jenn and the Move For Jenn Foundation, 

Thank you for continuing to help patients around the world regain their mobility. In a world today filled with so much darkness, you have chosen to be a light for so many. While we continue to discuss ways to further collaborate, please let this donation serve as a first of many."

Thank you, Brett for your partnership and support!