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The Mint Hill Times: Sarcoma Awareness - Part 2

Sarcomas are a rare form of cancer estimated to be about 1% of all cancers according to recent publications from the Sarcoma Awareness Foundation.  There are many sub-types of this type of cancer because they can arise from a variety of different tissue structures within the body.  According to the Sarcoma Awareness Foundation, the majority of sarcomas are found in the limbs of the body where there are high concentrations of connective tissue.  Since most sarcomas are not diagnosed until they are noticed (large enough to produce a bump or protrusion) by patients, often the prognosis can be a difficult journey. Early detection is key.  It is important for everyone to bring any noticeable lumps or bumps to the attention of their physician so that care can be begun immediately if the area is determined to be cancerous.

Emily Powell is a sarcoma survivor that came into contact with Jenn Andrews of the Move For Jenn Foundation through a family connection.  Emily’s story is similar to Jenn’s in that a small bump was also found on her foot which was found to be cancerous. Emily was diagnosed with clear cell sarcoma which accounts for 1% of the 1% of sarcoma cancers.  Emily had a biopsy performed, which was the first surgery she had ever faced, in May of last year. After having the biopsy evaluated by five different pathology labs, they were able to determine that it was, in fact, clear cell sarcoma.  Emily is undergoing a series of surgeries and radiation treatments to remove the sarcoma.  This includes several painful surgeries to have skin grafts performed on the affected area of her foot.

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