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Thoughts from a Caregiver - Radiation Edition

Thoughts from a Caregiver
For those of you who may be new to the Move For Jenn Foundation, my name is Lyla and I am the Advocacy and Events Coordinator. My mom passed away from extraskeletal osteosarcoma four years ago. Since then, I have been fortunate enough to join the MFJ team. I have written a few blog posts about my mom’s story, so if you’d like to learn more, check out our blog home page, linked here.
I am not a medical professional and this is not professional medical advice. This is being written to share information that I wish I had when my mom was diagnosed.
My mom’s radiation protocol was five days a week for six weeks and her primary tumor sight was on her left thigh. Below, you’ll find a list of products that worked for my mom, but again, I am not a medical professional and I stress that you should always consult with your medical team before making any changes.
Products my mom loved:
-Aloe vera with no additives or dyes. We bought a little aloe plant.
-Manuka honey ointment
-Unscented, natural, gentle bathing products
-Loose, lightweight fitting clothes
-Free and clear laundry detergent/softeners
As a friend or family member of someone diagnosed with cancer, I implore you to ask a lot of questions. My family and I asked so many questions about my mom’s diagnosis and treatment that it turned into a running joke in our family. We wanted to make sure we were educating ourselves about what was happening to our mom, so we could best support her.
My goal, as a caregiver and as her daughter, was to make sure my mom felt seen and supported. She had cancer, she was undergoing radiation and chemotherapy, she had limb salvage surgery. These things can change a person, but, she was still my mom and so much more. We tried to never lose sight of that.
The Move For Jenn team is in your corner. Whether you need assistance, have a question, or just need someone to listen, we’re here for you. To speak with someone on our team, please fill out our contact form, linked here.