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Time with Helya Mohammadian, Founder & Chief Innovator Chick at Slick Chicks

We sat down with Slick Chicks Founder and Chief Innovator Chick, Helya Mohammadian, to learn more about Helya and the Slick Chicks brand. Did you know that Slick Chicks is donating 10% of proceeds from their sales in July to Move For Jenn as a part of Sarcoma Awareness Month?

Slick Chicks is an innovative, adaptive clothing brand with a goal to "to empower people to tackle any of life’s daily challenges because we all deserve a sense of self, dignity and independence."
    1. Tell us about Slick Chicks and how it started.

    The journey started several years ago after my sister gave birth to my adorable

    nephew. Like many women often do, she had complications during labor and had to undergo an emergency C-section. The post-surgery recovery left her feeling debilitated for several weeks. Something as personal as putting on her underwear, she couldn’t do alone. Not wanting to see my sister have such difficulty with her daily routine, I decided it was time to find a solution. Little did I realize that there was a bigger issue here. After launching a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to raise money for our first production, I started to receive messages from women with disabilities and chronic illnesses who were preordering our products. They shared how adaptive clothing was hard to find, especially products that didn’t look medical, and they were so happy to find functional, yet fashionable underwear. A product that I would later develop for someone like my sister has served a bigger purpose and impacted the lives of so many people around the world. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that creating this product would change my perspective on something most of us take for granted every day, and that’s getting dressed.

    1. What is the most popular Slick Chicks item and why?

    Our most popular style is our signature classic brief, which also happens to be the first product we ever launched. Our bikini briefs sit low on the waistline (which is great for pregnant bellies) and they really are the perfect everyday undies for anyone who is seeking a classic fit. Plus, the fabric is so soft, with just the right amount of stretch.

    1. Why did you choose to partner with MFJ during the month of July?

    We were so excited to partner with The Move For Jenn Foundation because their mission aligns with ours. Not only do they embrace inclusivity, but awareness and advocacy are part of the heart and soul of both our companies. Not many people are even aware sarcoma exists – as a result, there are fewer resources out there. We are proud to be allies and help increase awareness!

    1. What is your personal favorite Slick Chicks product and why?

    My current favorite Slick Chicks product is our accessible side zip joggers. I literally live in them! They are cute and cozy and comfort is so important for me because I mainly work from home. The main feature is the full side zipper opening, which gives you that extra roomy fit when you want it.

    1. What is #1 thing you want people to learn about Slick Chicks?

    We are a company that fully believes in inclusion. No matter who you are, we all deserve to feel supported by products that offer a sense of self, dignity, and independence.  At the end of the day, it’s not just about selling a product, it’s about putting people first, showing empathy, and finding a solution to a real problem. Behind every purchased product is a real person with a real story and a very real need.

    1. Tell us a fun fact about you.

    Fun fact about me is that I was born in Iran in 1982 and moved to a small town called Ruston, Louisiana when I was three years old just after the Iranian Revolution. My parents envisioned a better life for me and my siblings, so they packed their bags (and whole life) and moved us across the ocean. It was a complete culture shock to say the least, being the only Middle Eastern family living in a small Southern town in Louisiana.

    We are so grateful for Helya and the entire Slick Chicks team for not only doing what they do, but also for supporting organizations like ours! Don't forget to shop Slick Chicks at during the month of July and 10% of your purchase will benefit Move For Jenn.