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A $30,000 Gift to Levine Cancer Institute for Sarcoma Specific Research

As a part of the 2024 Move For Jenn Open, we were able to share the news that the Move For Jenn Foundation was able to gift $30,000 to a Levine Cancer Institute sarcoma specific research project!

With thanks to our Board of Directors President, Jenny Sage, and her daughter Gracie, Levine will be able to test the genomic makeup of sarcoma tumors through this research project. This will allow the doctors to see what treatments are responsive and which aren’t. The project will also allow over 100 children to have better treatment options for their sarcoma by being more efficient with treatments that are receptive and not putting patients through treatments that are not.

Learn more about Jenny and Gracie and their incredible fundraising efforts here.

Jenny shared, "May 20th will forever be one of the most meaningful days of my life. Thanks to YOUR generosity supporting Gracie and I, and in partnership with the @moveforjenn , we donated $30,000 to a sarcoma research project at Levine Cancer Institute! Sarcomas, which account for 1% of adult cancers and 15% of children’s cancers, are hard to identify due to their many types and limited genetic data. This project will help test the genomic makeup of sarcomas, ensuring the best treatment options are chosen for over 100 children.

🚨 Join us in making a difference! We have $30k to go to close out our commitment and fully fund the trial. Our to hope is to hit this goal by the end of July which is Sarcoma Awareness Month.

🎗️ Each $300 donation can test the genomic makeup of ONE CHILD’S tumor, leading to better treatments.

🤝 Together, we can provide hope and improved care for young patients battling sarcoma."

Not only is this project near and dear to our hearts because it is sarcoma specific and will help kids just like Gracie, Jenn received her treatment at Atrium. We are also thrilled to be able to keep funds local to the Move For Jenn hometown of Charlotte, NC.

Want to help us raise an additional $30,000 so we can fund the entire project? Your gift of any size will help us get there!

Cover photo: from left to right, Jenny Sage, Dr. Joshua Patt, Dr. Megan Jagosky, & Jenn Andrews