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Sarcoma Awareness Month 2024

July is Sarcoma Awareness Month!

Did you know that sarcoma is often called the "forgotten cancer" because of its rarity? Because of this, sarcoma is often misdiagnosed. According to the National Foundation for Cancer Research, "Sarcomas are rare in adults and make up approximately 1% of all adult cancer diagnoses."

Sarcoma is a type of cancer that begins in bone or in the soft tissues of the body, including cartilage, fat, muscle, blood vessels, fibrous tissue, or other connective or supportive tissue. (National Cancer Institute)

While sarcoma can show in different ways, the most common way is through a lump or bump that may become painful and grows over time. However, this isn't always the case. Learn more about what to do if you find a lump on your body: "5 Tips: I Found a Lump on my Body, Should I Worry?"

The mission of the Move For Jenn Foundation is to offer grants in the form of activewear prosthetics to those who have suffered the loss of a limb to sarcoma or other affiliated diseases. Since most activewear prosthetics are not covered by insurance, the foundation bridges the financial gap to allow amputees to get back to the physical activities they enjoyed prior to amputation.

The Move For Jenn Foundation also aims to find a cure for sarcoma and better treatment options for sarcoma patients. Targeted research, awareness, and advocacy are three core objectives that make the foundation unique.

Can you benefit from a Move For Jenn grant? Learn more and apply here.


Wondering what you can do this month to help bring awareness to this "forgotten" cancer?

  • Create a fundraiser on social media! Creating a fundraiser on Facebook or Instagram is simple.

Share your fundraiser with your family and friends and let them know why bringing awareness to sarcoma is important to you. Feel free to use any of the graphics found here.


  • Along with creating a fundraiser online, you can host a fundraiser in person!

Host a bake sale or a lemonade stand. Involve your kiddos, your neighborhood, or even your coworkers. Donate a portion of proceeds from your business. Any way you help is appreciated and makes an impact! Check out our volunteer guide to learn more.


  • Save the date for our first Toss Out Sarcoma Cornhole Tournament taking place on Saturday, October 27 at Middle James Brewing Company in Pineville, NC.


  • Save the date for our sixth annual Pajamas All Day 5K!

We can't wait for our sixth annual Pajamas All Day 5K taking place on Saturday, January 11! This family-friendly day of moving and fresh beginnings includes a 5K, fun run, and SO much more!


Don't forget, gifts may be eligible for a match from your employer! Find out if your employer matches here. Also, as a registered 501(c)(3), all donations are tax deductible (and incredibly appreciated)!


Support Gracie and she works to run one mile a day during the month of July to raise funds for sarcoma research! Learn more here.


Did you know that Jenn found out that she had sarcoma after a nail tech found a pea sized nodule on her food during a pedicure? Sharing Jenn's story can help save a life.


Here, you can learn more about sarcoma, how to spot it, how to support those diagnosed, and more.